About Me

I have been in the Entertainment field since my college days in Boston where I was in charge of sound and lighting at various clubs around the city.  Learning to deal with different crowds and the music they all want was a great precursor to being a full-time DJ.  Every event is unique unto itself and that’s the way I approach each one.  Whether I’m in front of 20 people at an intimate Wedding Reception or 45,000 at Ultrafest in Miami; it’s the event and client that I focus on.

“The DJ can make or break an event”, and that is exactly the motto by which I live. Professionalism and dedication towards you and your event are foremost on my agenda and I will stop at nothing to provide you with the best service.  I strive to make your wedding reception the day of your dreams and your party one that people will be talking about for years.  This is the personal guarantee you receive when you work with Brannan Entertainment.